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What is the benefit of being bilingual?

There are countless benefits to being bilingual. Children have the ability to easily absorb and retain languages. It is a very beneficial opportunity for young children to begin their second language development early. Not only will it enhance their Spanish for Childrenskills in their first language, but it will also improve cognitive skills. Knowledge of a second language gives a child much needed preparation for our multicultural and multilingual world.

My child doesn’t speak much English yet, will learning Spanish be confusing to him/her?
Research shows that a child’s verbal and cognitive skills are enhanced by exposure to multiple languages. In most cases learning a second or even third language will aid in the development and facility with English.

At what age should I start introducing my children to the Spanish language?
The widest window for language acquisition and development is between 0-60 months. While the widest window for language enhancement is between the ages of 5-10. 

I have no prior knowledge of Spanish.  How will I be able to help reinforce the language?
Bilingual Fun offers an interactive video that includes lyrics and vocabulary words that corresponds with the content. Parents are encouraged to watch with the children, sing along, and repeat words. The DVD insert may be used as parents reinforce and practice with the children. In addition, all classes which Bilingual Fun offers are parent/ child classes. There is an emphasis on parent participation, and families will receive practice materials to use at home. Instructors are always available for questions or practice.

My child seems to understand Spanish words, but has not been speaking very much.  Should I be concerned that he/she isn’t really learning the language?
Often, one of the higher level developmental stages of language acquisition is producing the language. When children are exposed to multiple languages, there is often a “silent period” in which children are absorbing, acquiring, and comprehending the language.  Production will eventually follow.

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